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ADI leak Detection is the original, and in our opinion, the best leak detection company in the United Kingdom.

In 2011, there was no such thing as a specialist leak detection company, but with some foresight, intuition, and expertise, Adrian Morgan, the company’s founder, and CEO identified a gap in the market.

He realised that leak detection was a specialist niche that required specialist tools, knowledge, and out-of-the-box thinking. Although a skilled plumber might be able to make an informed and educated decision about the source of a leak, in essence, this would just be a guess. And the problem with these types of guesses is that they can become very expensive, very quickly.

After all, the longer it takes to identify the source of the leak, the more water is trickling or flooding into your building. But just as importantly, particularly in modern properties, most pipework is now hidden behind walls to make the property aesthetically pleasing. Putting a hole in the wall, where you believe a leak to be, without complete confidence is not the best option for customers, who not only have to deal with the effects of the leak but also the aftermath of the repair process.

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ADI Pro Leak is proud to be the only SPATA (Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association) approved leak detection company in the UK and Europe.

We are proud to be a CIPHE Registered Plumbing & Heating Company.

Why Choose ADI Leak Detection?

Meet the team

Adrian Morgan – CEO and Head Engineer

Adrian is a self-confessed leak geek, the founder, and the inspiration and driving force behind ADI Leak Detection. Adrian had the foresight to launch ADI and invest thousands of pounds to purchase a complete range of specialist equipment that could be used or modified to identify leaks quicker and easier than any other company was offering on the marketplace.

The reality was that in 2011 there were very few specific leak detection tools available, Adrian was and still is way ahead of the rest of the industry in his thought process and problem-solving capabilities. Using his engineering and plumbing background Adrian, then crafted and refined the perfect leak detection process allowing ADI to quickly become market leaders in the UK leak detection industry. Outside of being a leak detection geek, Adrian loves to Scuba Dive, travel, and be a generally great guy!

ADI Leak Detection is relentless in their determination to find leaks and move technology forward.

Adrian essentially created the leak detection industry, and since its inception, ADI has grown from strength to strength. They now have specialist leak detection engineers strategically placed across the length of breadth of the country, ensuring that wherever you live within Great Britain, you can utilise the knowledge and expertise of an ADI engineer. Every year ADI invests in the latest technology on the market.

It provides advanced and ongoing training to all of its engineers, ensuring that our customers receive the best possible service in the industry. Such is ADI Leak Detection’s commitment to moving the industry forward that they invest in the latest equipment and have their own in-house design and development team, who develop exclusive tools for their fleet of engineers.

These tools have literally transformed leak detection in the UK and enable ADI engineers to pinpoint leaks on any hidden pipework, even pipes buried under concrete, without the need to dig up or cause damage to the areas surrounding the leak.

Adrian and his team are relentless in their determination to find leaks and move technology forward.

We Find Your Hidden Water Leaks On

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