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A leaking roof is a dreaded issue that instills fear in every homeowner in Budleigh Salterton . The primary role of a roof is to provide protection from the elements, ensuring the safety and comfort of your family. However, when a roof develops a leak, the consequences can be devastating. Surprisingly, even a small water leak can lead to significant damage, and the challenge often lies in pinpointing the leak’s location, which may not be immediately apparent. Naturally, fixing the leak is impossible if you can’t identify its source, and this is where the expertise of a specialist leak detection company like ADI Leak Detection becomes invaluable.

At ADI Leak Detection, we routinely identify and address leaks of all sizes on the same day we respond to your call. If you’re grappling with a roof leak in Budleigh Salterton, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today at 0800 086 2947.

Finding a Leak in a flat roof in Devon

Flat Roof Leaks

Flat roofs offer numerous advantages in property design and structure. However, the reality is that these roof types are more susceptible to developing leaks compared to other roof configurations.

Regrettably, while the presence of a leak in the roof may become evident through associated symptoms within the property, such as stained ceilings, pinpointing the exact source of the leak can be a considerably more challenging task. The leak detection specialists at ADI utilize a variety of methods and specialized equipment to swiftly identify the origin of the leak.

Finding commercial roof leaks in Devon

Commercial Roof Leaks

Commercial Roof Leaks can result in significant financial losses for your business, potentially running into thousands of pounds, including damage to your inventory, all within a remarkably short time frame. Given the substantial size of most commercial roofs, gaining access and pinpointing the precise source of the leak can pose considerable challenges.

When it comes to commercial properties, any delay in identifying a leak, regardless of its size, can be costly. That's why it's crucial to summon the expertise of professionals without delay.

pitched roof leak detection Devon

Pitched, Tiled Roof Leaks

The vast majority of homes in the United Kingdom feature pitched tiled roofs, which is why we are frequently summoned to locate and resolve leaks in such roofing systems.

While prevention is always the preferred approach, people reach out to ADI when they've already encountered a leak. Our skilled and seasoned technicians are adept at promptly identifying leaks of any size in pitched tiled roofs, alleviating a great deal of stress, hassle, and concern. If you've discovered a leak, don't hesitate to contact ADI Water Leak Detection today at 0800 086 2947.

Roof Leak Testing Service In Budleigh Salterton, Devon By ADI - The Original Leak Detection Company

Even if there are no visible signs of a leak, and you wish to have your roof tested, perhaps before purchasing a property, ADI Water Leak Detection can provide valuable assistance.

This way, we can either offer you peace of mind that your roof is entirely waterproof, or conversely, we can precisely identify the location of any existing leak, regardless of its size.

Our Roofing Leak Detection Equipment

One of the key differentiators that distinguishes ADI and has solidified our position as the industry leader in water leak detection is our unwavering commitment to technology. Year after year, we allocate substantial investments to ensure our technicians have access to the most cutting-edge equipment and technology available. This dedication empowers us to swiftly pinpoint leaks. Let’s explore three of the most widely utilized methods we employ for detecting roofing leaks.

Tracer gases for tracing a roof leak

Tracer Gas

In the process of roof leak detection, tracer gases play a pivotal role in confirming the suspected source of a roof leak or multiple roof leaks. Tracer gases, typically a mixture of Hydrogen and Nitrogen, are introduced into the roof void.

They ascend through any unsealed gaps or openings. On the roof's surface, we employ specialized tracer gas detectors, often referred to as sniffer devices, to identify and pinpoint the tracer gas as it escapes from the location of the leak.

Thermal Imaging Drones

One of the primary challenges our technicians encounter when searching for a roof water leak is gaining access to the roof for a comprehensive investigation. Access can be a considerable issue due to various factors, such as the height of a commercial building or limited space for setting up ladders, scaffolding, or utilizing a cherry picker to reach the roof.

Drone roof leak detection emerges as an exceptionally cost-effective alternative to other access methods when it comes to locating a roof leak. Renting scaffolding or a cherry picker can be both time-consuming and expensive in comparison.

Electronic Roof Leak Detectors

When access is readily available, another option at our engineers' disposal is the use of Electronic Roof Leak Detectors. This specialized high-tech equipment excels at identifying and detecting holes, leaks, or defects in your flat roof. The process involves passing a low-level electrical charge through the roof membrane. When the charge encounters a leak, it naturally discharges or "earths out," allowing our engineers to precisely locate the leak or leaks.

This method of leak detection is effective on both horizontal surfaces and upstands, provided that the membrane extends up the wall. This feature is particularly important because it's common for leaks to originate in the folded corners where the membrane transitions from the flat roof to the wall.

Several key advantages are associated with this method. Once again, it's non-invasive, causing no damage to the membrane itself. It is compatible with most roof membranes, offering versatility. It boasts high accuracy, capable of detecting even minuscule pinhole leaks, and it is also rapid and efficient in its operation.

Why Choose ADI To Find Your Roof Water Leak In Budleigh Salterton, Devon ?

ADI Leak Detection is widely recognized as the authority in locating elusive and challenging-to-find leaks. We take our expertise a step further by maintaining our own in-house design team, tasked with creating exclusive tools to uncover leaks that others struggle to detect. Whether you’re dealing with any type of leak, regardless of its size, time is of the essence.

You require a dependable company that can swiftly locate the leak and prevent further complications. We prioritize speed in our responses and boast an unparalleled track record of success. If you have a roof water leak or even suspect one, don’t hesitate to contact ADI Leak Detection today at 0800 086 2947.

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